Final Week

Kamis, 18 Mei 2017
it is already the time when I cannot go out without a jacket. the average maximum temperature is about 25 degree and the minimum sometimes gets 10 degrees or lower. The real feel temperature is like 2-4 degree lower. I usually can withstand this, but I feel like my stamina is decreasing lately. I can't afford of getting sick right now, there are still a tonne of assignment to do.

It makes me think about holiday too much. The last due date of my assignments is June 2nd, and from June 3rd until probably (I haven't checked the academic calendar) last week of July is the semester break. I really can't wait for that time. I really want to relax and read some journals or books without being rushed by the deadline. I want to go cycling, make a proper phone call with my mom, bird-watching at Lake Apex, freely strolling in the city and watch street performers on Queen Street, and take nap, lots and lots of nap. But until then, I have to finish two essays, one presentation, and one project report, completed with anxiety about whether I'll pass all the course or not. I get really worried, one assignment result was absolutely disappointing. I initially wanted to get at least 6 in all courses (the 100% grade is 7), but now, I am okay with just passing. Like seriously, I am at this level of patheticness and despair. 

Okay, need to get going now.