A Transition

Minggu, 19 Februari 2017
Fifth day in Gatton
There was a warning about storm earlier this afternoon. When they said storm, I was thinking about heavy rain and strong wind. As the matter of fact, it turned out to be a shower with breeze. I even let my window open. It was nothing close to what I imagined.
So far, everything is nice. I stayed at Mbak Nurul’s at Gaul street, close to everywhere because this town is very small! 8000 population, 4.993 ha area. I think I have seen most of it in just 5 days! Well, I didn’t expect it to be this small, and at first I was a little bit concerned because, well, might be I’ll get bored. It might be true. May be I’ll get bored sooner than I thought, but the most important thing is this place is so quiet and calm. It looks so similar to my village so I don’t have hard time to adapt. And in case I need some entertainment, I can go to the city if I want to see things but for now, I believe this is pretty nice.
Unlike the calm location transition, the lifestyle transition still overwhelms me. I am suddenly a rich posh and it shocked me! my point is, all my life I had always depended on my parents. My allowance was small and I have to calculate everything just to survive until the next allowance. Well, my parents always give me anything I need when I tell them, but I don’t always tell them because I am too old to ask for money. I wrote about how ugly and dirty my rented room in padang was, I mostly ate eggs and vegetables because I couldn’t afford chicken or meat. my laundry supplies are the cheapest ones, and I don’t really wear make up because it’s too expensive. All was because I was so poor (I was poor, but my family is doing okay, in fact better than most of people in my village, so don’t worry :D). Now, LPDP gives me waaaaay more than I need. I can buy all food I want and all the clothes I need. But I am stil hesitant to spend my money because just can’t get over my old lifestyle yet. gosh! This is so funny. I am literally laughing right now because I can’t believe myself being in this position! Really! No manually doing my laundry, no extreme financial policy and self-restriction. I don’t have to buy secondhand outfit anymore. I have to say, it shocked me I still can’t properly be grateful and thank Allah for how lucky I am. Astaghfirullah.
Well, I am grateful. I am extremely grateful. I know people who want to get the scholarship, they more than deserve it, but the honor come to me first. Allah loves me with a very unique and delightful approach. But I remind myself too that examination doesn’t always come in the form of difficulties, but also the beautiful thing.

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