A Late Post: New Things To Love in Jogja

Selasa, 13 Desember 2016
Lodaya Morning Train to Bandung, November 25, 2016.

As someone who raised in area where there is no operating train, I grow distinctive fond to trains and all things related to it. Everything feels so artsy for me, the cars, the tune they play in station when a train arrive, the railway, even the symbol of KAI itself looks so nice in pictures. I love the swings on board and the rides never cause motion sickness at all, even when I read the whole way. The first time I had a trains ride back in February from Jakarta to Bandung, the scenery is magnificent. This time, at this exact moment, I am on Lodaya train from Yogyakarta to Bandung. 

The trains are something, and the trip to Yogyakarta is something else. As one of the main tourism destination, Yogyakarta is really dedicated to serve the visitors and provide facilities and atmosphere to create an enjoyable moment. And it works so well for me. I enjoyed Yogyakarta. I love it! well, the becak drivers are so persistent and stubborn in offering the ride but I can tolerate it all. Two nights in Jogja, we explore the Malioboro street, Vredeburg Fort, and Kraton Ngayogyakarta all on foot. It’s pretty far and tiring, but fun. Malioboro street looks like the bigger version of the souvenir lane in Bukittinggi. But here, they also play Javanese instrumental music from the speakers in the ceiling of the shops. There is a very nice café there and a souvenir shop where I bought my new wallet. I also love the design of horse car. It’s different from bendi in Bukittinggi. I guess the design here is influenced by Dutch taste. 

My mom and I stayed at Handayani Homestay, in the far-end of the maze in Sosrowijayan Street, literally at the end of the pathway. This is basically a crowded housing area, equally crowded as Kebon Kacang II where I stayed in Jakarta. But Sosrowijayan is very clean and quiet. People are not allowed to turn on their motorcycle engine. You should push your motorcycle right after you enter the maze. Well, I call it maze because mom almost got lost there once or twice. The left and right side of the path, the doors are open welcoming the guest. Losmen, guesthouse, hotels, whatever it’s named, are specialized for budget traveler like us. There is a nice café and a secondhand book store, obviously visited more often by foreign tourists than the local ones. I bought two postcards there.

I worried that I have to eat at fast food restaurant because of the different culinary preference in Minang and Jawa. I thought I can’t eat Javanese food at all. But I was wrong. I just find out that I love Javanese food even though they always add sugar in literally everything. 

Other than the food, I also fall in love with Prambanan. I know I am easily awed by beautiful scenery, but seriously, Prambanan is really special. I visited Borobudur too but Prambanan will be my favorite. If the temple was human, she will be amazingly beautiful with no make-up on. The heights, the symmetric, everything is so perfect in the camera lens. Even with my lame skill in photography, the picture I take is good. Someone said that Prambanan will be extraordinary stunning when sunset and I know it’s true. It was raining when I visit it yesterday and it’s still very beautiful. 

So, that’s how the trip to Jogja eventually ended up. Lodaya morning train to Bandung just passed Kebumen station and there is at least 6 more hours before we reach Bandung. I realized that maybe, I’ll never visit Jogja again only with my mom. I am glad we had this trip. When I had a trip with my brother, it was so full with arguments and fights, so bitter sweet. I don’t argue with my mom, but still, after it tour ends, it still felt somehow bitter sweet. Sentiments makes everything so melancholic.

The train stop in the middle of rice field, I don’t know why. But this train, this whole journey, has it’s own pace and experiences, so I’ll stop wondering and take my pace, looking around, and enjoying the view.

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