Senin, 25 Agustus 2014

here we go again!!

It was raining cats and dogs outside. My anxiety rose up as I heard the loud voice of thousands drop of water hit the roof. The hall was so cold since the air conditioner still fully worked. It made me more nervous. I sat uncomfortably, staring at Rifki on the stage finishing his arguments, something about human resource. I didn’t really pay attention since I was busy thinking. Questions dashed in my mind “why is it suddenly raining? why can’t the sound man turn up the volume? What if the adjudicators can’t hear him?”

It was the grand final round the NUDC 2014 Novice category. Unand team was acting as opening government, Rifki as Prime Minister and Melati as the Deputy. We’re debating against ITS, UMSU, and Universitas Mulawarman. When it’s Melati’s turn, the rain was pouring harder and harder, I hardly hear her. I took several pictures of her and tried to concentrate to hear what she said. Then after that, I was spacing out until the opposition whip came back to his seat and the final match completed.
I congratulated them, saying that they’ve worked hard and given their best, that I am so proud of them. The result would be announced on the closing ceremony that night and that means we had several free hours. The official from our campus offered to visit Barelang bridge, so we left the hall even though we wanted to watch the final round of main break category.
POIs in the first preliminary round
All the way to Balerang, I was contemplating in my mind. I was so happy that unand team made it to final. Being the part of this odyssey means a lot to me. Months of training paid off like how I expected. Started from the internal selection last March, then the preparation for the NUDC regional level, the debate camp, the first accomplishment in Pekanbaru that we made it to national level, and finally the long waited NUDC itself.
We dealt with hard times. Lacking money, being tired of training, confronting those people in the student’s affair about funding, I feel like we worked on our own. This campus didn’t really care about this debate team. But we didn’t stop. We refused to give up only because we don’t have enough support.
I wasn’t helping much, though. I just organized the funding with those people in student’s affair, adjudicate when we’re training, and arrange the schedule . Bang Rian took care of the training and he pushed us to work harder and harder. He is pushy, sometimes I found it depressing. But I always knew that it’s what we need. I nagged a lot when I couldn’t handle the pressure. But thank God both Melati and Rifki weren’t hard. They don’t complaint if we have to train until dusk, or when it’s raining hard, or when nobody else showed up.

bang rian. yes, this is the face that become scary sometimes

Melati is much calmer and more mature than I am despite she’s still very young. I thought she was kinda shocked when we have to share one hotel bedroom for six people in Pekanbaru but she didn’t over-react to that.

melati, being melati
Rifki, in the other hand, tent to worry a lot. He was the youngest kid in his family and seems like he’s a little spoiled, Paul made fun of him because of that. But I don’t find it as a problem because having another nagger in the team made me feel better when I myself nag. Since we have the same personality and somehow the same background (we both are from Bukittinggi and graduated from SMA 1) it’s easier to tell him about what I feel.

rifki, the president of Andalas Oratoria

Paul, our N-1 adjudicator, is a whole different person. She’s loud and talks nonsense. It’s always a laugh when she’s around but I have to be honest that sometimes I feel embarrassed because of her. She picked a fight with rifki a lot and I have to stop them from hitting each other or the people will watch them. I feel like an uptight old grandma when I deal with Paul but sure, it wouldn’t be the same without her.

here's paul,  our trouble maker
This is the best NUDC for me even though I am no longer a debater. I feel like their triumph is also my own accomplishment. I always want to see Unand debater standing on the podium and prove to those who didn’t take us seriously. Most of all, I want to prove to Unand itself that we deserve some acknowledgement. We don’t ask much. All we want is our own UKM. We need to be more than just a community so we can develop. I believe they don’t have excuse anymore to refuse our request.  

that was an amazing odyssey, after all :)