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Selasa, 19 Februari 2013

Medan: Prolog

Senin, 04 Februari 2013
so, Medan was great!
i spent first two days in Etek Ilen's house in Tanjung Morawa. she's been living there for about ten years with her family. Etek Ilen is my mom's younger sister. She has two sons, Ari a.k.a Mas Ai and Rian a.k.a Dedek Ganteng (that's how he always writes his name in every photo caption and game profile ^^). I spent time talking about Naruto with them, and i have to say that compared to them, i'm a not-so-fanatic fan of Naruto. these two cousins of mine know every single thing about Naruto. they even know the types of Rasengan and all kind of jutsu. well, that's not my league so i decided just to be a good listener.

dedek ganteng and his cat, Ani

Tek Ilen took me and Anna to Tek Ana's place,a grandmother who used to live next to my house in Bukittinggi. she is my grandma's mom's niece, sort of it. i even can't explain what my relationship with her, but i really miss her. i remember her as the part of my childhood. i loved to play in her big house when i was young. she has so many old pictures on the wall and she gave me banana when i visit her. Tek Ana doesn't have kid. so when she get older and older and her eye sight was getting worse, her niece take her to Medan so they can take care of her. what makes me really want to meet her is, Tek Ana probably will never go back to Bukittinggi because she's too weak for a long trip and maybe i'll never see her again. Thank God she still remember me even though it's hard to explain to her.

tek Ana

after visiting Tek Ana, i come back to Tanjung Morawa. there's still one night left before the committee provide the hotel for us so i slept in Tek Ilen's house again. Me, Mas Ai, and Dedek Ganteng -again- spent time talking about Naruto and watch the video of the battle of Kakashi and Pain. we're just like in our own world while Anna, Tek Ilen, and Pak Etek Makmur (Tek Ilen's Husband) just confusedly hear to our conversation because they don't know anything about Naruto :)

the next morning, Dedek Ganteng looked down when i told him that i would be leaving that day. he cried when he's leaving to school. Mas Ai wasn't really show how he feel because he's a teenager already. i was touched and almost cry too.

so, after Dedek Ganteng and Mas Ai went to school, i said goodbye to Tek Ilen and Pak Etek Makmur and thank them for the hospitality, then caught the bus to Medan and felt so exited about SOVED :)