it's been raining

Selasa, 25 Januari 2011
well, I've been home for a week. and I've been a useless person for that long.
here e go again, visit in Padang Luar with all memories it keeps inside. the operator is still the same, the computers are still the same, the road is still the same.
I spent my days playing "Plant vs. Zombie". I still can't win the last mini game and puzzle. I have a cherry bomb, Umbrella leaves, sun-shroom, tree of wisdom and other plants in my Zen Garden. Chaky actually wants me to hang up with her yesterday but it was raining. I love rain, but not too much.

and, about the last exam. I'm satisfied with what I got. I never got into Statistic class, you know Pak Cipta, he's not my favorite lecturer, but he gave me C. I know, it's silly that you're happy having C for your exam, but it's much better than D, AND I kept guessing that i would get D. Thank God! good bye, statistic, we'll never meet no more!

there's too much things happen lately. I really hope everything back to normal. When i remember it, i feel like crying. but, I'll keep walking..