jaden, noe, akeboshi, i love you all

Jumat, 24 Desember 2010

ya, i know, it's Christmas. thing that i don't know is why i love Jaden Smith sooooooooooooo much!
God, he's cool. well, it's almost two years since I broke up from Mas Noe (--'). and i guess I've found new guy to love. or maybe not? I was also madly in love with Yoshio Akeboshi, but that's not a long lasting love. i believe, just in a couple days, I'll forget Jaden and come back to Handa. hahahahahahahaha! what the hell am I talking about?!
well, I'll just enjoy this feeling until i loss it. no matter what happen, Jaden, i'm happy for having you as my sweetheart..


This is the park I always go to. I can see the sunset in the slide. Since long ago, it was my own special tower. If I have any troubles, I always come here. Ever since that time, I am in the middle of my dream. Even up to now, I am not able to fulfill it. May be this is the end, what a weak voice in speak in. but there are also days that seem spicy. But then I remember, looking for a shooting star in that starry sky. The wish that I made when I was small hasn’t changed by the passage of time.

When I look at the sky, the stars are still embracing. These stars look like a crowd of people, emitting different types of light. That’s right, that’s why; I want to shine for once. I close my eyes and swear. I entrust my dream to a shooting star.